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How-To’s for Administrators

Read helpful how-to guides written by our Mimeo Marketplace expert team. Find out how to set up and manage your Marketplace storefront according to your preferences, from branding to approved shoppers to reporting.



How to Sort Your Products in a Specific Order

Here’s how to rank your products if you don’t want them to sort alphabetically.


How to Manage Groups

Set up groups of shoppers to control who has access to your Marketplace and to set up custom approval rules.


How to Manage Approvals

Set up and manage approval rules on your Marketplaces to control which contacts have access to your products.


How to Run Reports

Get reporting on orders, product usage, shopper access, group members, buyers, geography, and more from your Marketplace Admin Console.


How to Bundle and Associate Items

Offer multiple documents, digital media, or warehoused items for order as one product in your Marketplace storefront with bundling.


How to Customise Home, Help, and Thank You Pages

Create custom pages to align with your brand. Format text, add images, videos, and links, plus link to your own surveys and external URLs.


How to Customise Branding

Your Marketplace is an extension of your brand, so we know it is important to easily add your logo and colours.


How to Manage General Settings

Administrators can manage basic settings such as name, currency, tagline, and Google Analytics ID in the General Settings section.


How to Add a Publisher to Your Marketplace

Add a colleague or trusted user to publish documents, digital content, or warehoused items to your Marketplace or edit established products.


How to Add and Remove Shoppers to Your Marketplace

Add approved users to order content from your Marketplace.


Does Mimeo produce and distribute non-print items?

If you’re looking to order and warehouse non-paper items like merchandise and apparel, we can help!


How to Publish a Document to Your Marketplace from Print

Publish print or warehoused items to your Marketplace in just a few steps.


How to Publish Items to Marketplace 

Watch this video on how to publish items to your Marketplace.

How to Order Customised Documents on Marketplace (VDP)

Watch a video on how to order customised documents.

Admin settings for Marketplace

Learn how to use your Superstar Admin Settings in Marketplace.

Mimeo Marketplace

Create your own custom branded content portal to distribute business content to your audience in Mimeo Marketplace.

How to Publish a Document to Marketplace

Watch this video for the secrets to publishing documents to Marketplace.

How to Customise and Report in Your Marketplace

Customise your branding, categories, and more within Marketplace admin settings.

How-To’s for Users

Our how-to articles for users walk you through Mimeo Marketplace’s full capabilities. Take a look to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the newest features and enhancements, so you can have the best user experience possible.

How to Shop on Marketplace

Our Marketplace platform puts you in control of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Marketplace with answers from our expert team.

Mimeo Marketplace is a central portal for all your print and digital content. Create your own corporate storefront where your team members and external partners can order approved materials, branded merchandise, templates, business cards, and much more.

For the majority of our products, there are no setup fees. For low volume specialised documents, there are nominal setup fees that will be included in the real-time quote for clarity. Based on the size of the order, these fees can be discounted or potentially provided at no cost tied to a customer commitment.

Mimeo Marketplace enables you to create a completely custom, branded storefront for shoppers. Additionally, Mimeo Marketplace can be white labeled at an additional cost, meaning that all Mimeo branding is removed, and the platform appears to be integrated with your own internal portals/platforms.

The way in which both platforms operate, however, are fully customisable through setting permissions, building a content repository, and establishing an address book.

Mimeo allows for customers to warehouse their items. Warehousing occurs at our production facilities. These items can be pulled and placed into shipments of printed items. These items can be kitted, bundled, and shipped with other print, or nonprint items.

Yes. You can have one or multiple administrators, and provide full level administration and secondary level administration.

Your administrator(s) set permissions in place for those accessing your content and materials in Marketplace. You are able to control what content users can view, who can share, and limit who cannot.

Full level administrators can change Marketplace settings. They can enable or disable account credit, order specifications, and even documents on specific accounts. Secondary administrators are able to publish content.

Your administrator can add as many or as few shoppers as you want. This can be a small defined group, or to the public. There is no limit to the number of shoppers.

Available ordering permissions include order approvals, access requests, and budget controls for customers with multiple shoppers, all at no additional cost. Administrators can set order limits, shipping methods, and document number limits for specific or all shoppers.

Yes! Include up to 4 custom fields for your shoppers, which capture any data you would like to on a per order basis. This data will feed into invoicing and reporting features, and can provide additional information to help catalog orders and track material usage.

Mimeo Marketplace is multilingual and can also support different currencies for EMEA-based customers. Each individual account and Marketplace storefront can be set up in one or multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, at no additional charge.

Mimeo’s robust reporting features give you insight into how content requests contribute to lead generation tracking. With Marketplace, your administrator can view which documents are ordered, provide recipient information, and see what is contained in each specific order. Mimeo can alter messaging and modify materials based on your reporting needs.

Yes! If you want more detailed information, ad hoc or monthly billing reports are available and customisable.

Mimeo allows for document edits and real time proofing. Combined with quick turn printing capabilities and no order minimums, creating a Mimeo virtual library eliminates the need to warehouse. As a result, our customers who have warehoused documents in their previous solutions experience substantial cost savings by eliminating document waste and other associated soft costs.

Yes! Mimeo works with a network of trusted partners to produce non-paper items (small selection of merchandise articles). Non-print materials can be warehoused, on-site, by Mimeo. All warehoused items can be bundled, kitted, and shipped with documents, further minimising related shipping costs.

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