When should you be a learning facilitator or a trainer?

Trainer Giving Presentation

When it comes to blended learning, an instructor has to work hard to make their content engaging and reach their audience. In order to do this, a teacher must inhabit three distinct roles throughout the course of their lesson. These roles, when used in conjunction with one another, create the perfect magic for an effective lesson.

In our on-demand webinar How to Deliver Valuable E-Content with Lou Russell, the Director of Learning at Russell Martin & Associates, we learned about the difference between a facilitator and Trainer Find Your Basea trainer and when to be in these roles.

As the trainer, Lou explains, it’s important to be the host and set the foundation for the lesson. However, always being in charge and having control of the learning isn’t beneficial for the students.

In contrast, the facilitator gives up the control that the trainer has and acts as a partner in the lesson. The facilitator works together with the learners and encourages their learning experience. But, at the end of the day, the intensity of the learning is up to the learners.

Trainer Make Your Schedule and GoalsThus, the core difference between the two is who is in charge of the learning. It’s important to balance both of these roles throughout any lesson in order to make sure that your students stay engaged and understand the material.



Trainer Valuable EContent Webinar[Webinar] How to Deliver Valuable E-Content

Learn more about the difference between a learning facilitator and trainer (and more) by watching our webinar with Lou Russell here!

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