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Case Study: Classroom & Digital learning Experience

Learn how Richardson offers both print and digital content distribution through one platform for a blended learning experience.

About Richardson

Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company. To help their clients achieve their goals, Richardson partners with them to develop customised training programmes and a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organisation performance. Visit them at www.richardson.com.


Richardson’s global client base requires complex training in both print and digital formats.

Richardson’s Team needed:

  • A partner that could offer both print and digital content distribution through one platform for a blended
    learning experience
  • To protect intellectual property without sacrificing the end user experience
  • Access to customer support for both administrators and end users
  • Immediate and continuous access to content
  • An easy to use platform

“We are always looking at new opportunities to advance technology to make learning more impactful and a better experience for our clients.”

– Kathryn Young, Director of Delivery


Richardson adopted a Print and Digital training solution, all within Mimeo’s platform. “Our customers learn in different ways. The ability to offer choices that best suit their needs is critical. With Mimeo, we can easily pivot from print to digital, or both.”

Offer Blended Training Solutions

A long-time Mimeo Print customer, Richardson’s adoption of Mimeo Digital provided their clients a blended learning experience. “Our clients are on the go 24/7 in the digital age. Being able to offer content that looks modern and refreshed is critical – both in hardcopy and digital materials, wherever our learners are.”

Protect Intellectual Property

“We need to stay relevant in the marketplace by adapting to the way the world and our clients are evolving. This means protecting our IP through new technologies like Mimeo Digital, without sacrificing Richardson’s client experience.”

An Easy Admin & User Platform

  • Richardson implemented a learner platform that didn’t get in the way of its content. Learners can easily reference and search key learnings, takeaways and notes taken during the classroom training.
  • “Mimeo Digital is very intuitive. Uploading a handbook is as simple as a drag and drop. Generating content keys for learners is just as simple. Now that we have our process down, we can distribute content keys to our clients in under two minutes. It was quick for us to learn the platform.”

Reliable Customer Support

“We have such a great partnership. In working with Mimeo directly in my previous roles and now managing a team, they continue to offer Richardson genuine support on both the account level and through customer support. It’s truly been outstanding.”

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