Technical Documentation

Mimeo Provides a Medical Device Manufacturer
With Optimal Inventory Management

Mimeo on-demand Print and fulfilment helps a Lean Manufacturer reduce obsolescence, errors and optimise the inventory of Technical Documentation.

1. Technical document files sent to printer for bulk production in multiple languages

2. Printer ships documents to warehouse for storage

3. Technical author informs stores every time there is an update or spec change

4. Stores must pull all obsolete documents for disposal and adjust inventory

5. New files are sent to printer for reprinting

6. Reprinted documents shipped to warehouse for storage

7. Documents selected/picked from warehouse post-manufacture of devices

8. Documents combined into shipment to customer

1. Procurement team generates technical document order from ERP based on sales forecast

2. Mimeo automated ordering produces technical documents from the most up-to-date files in every language

3. Exact required quantities produced and delivered to specified location within 48 hours of order

4. Technical documents added to shipment within lean manufacturing process

What process efficiencies
has Mimeo provided?

  • Mimeo matches the production of materials to the customer’s manufacturing process.
  • The customer no longer warehouses printed material, reducing warehouse costs.
  • Stock control for documentation is no longer required.
  • Printing on demand eliminates the risk of adding obsolete technical documents to their device shipments.
  • Printing to order eliminates waste documentation.
  • On-demand production of accurate technical documents improves time to market.
  • Automatic reporting of material production and distribution costs help to manage spend.

“ Managing inventory effectively within our manufacturing process plays an essential role in providing customers with their products on time. Mimeo helps us achieve this with the automated production and distribution of our technical literature.”

– Commodity Manager


The technical documents required regular updates; warehousing bulk materials caused this customer problems as they were holding stock that could be obsolete. The cost and time involved in reproducing these materials and destroying out-of-date stock became problematic.
Picking the correct materials from the warehouse was time-consuming and selecting out-of-date materials was a risk.
By ordering the most up-to-date material against a sales forecast, this customer is able to eradicate wastage and warehousing costs. Inventory management is optimised and gives employees back their time. Quicken the speed of building, proofing, and distributing documents through a single content repository. Eliminate obsolescence by seamlessly keeping store materials up to date and printing on demand.


Simplify the ordering process without adding additional steps. Mimeo provides effortless access to your materials, improve ordering efficiency and track your order throughout the entire process.


Mimeo’s simple automated ordering and production process allows customers to order the quantities they need, when they need it. Mimeo Connect’s Integration Suite allows customers to print, manage, and distribute documents from within their own application.


Automation and spend management should go hand in hand. With Mimeo, they do. Specify ordering limits, budgets, and more. Access robust reporting to gain further insights into your store locations’ expenditure. You have complete control over every order


By allocating user roles, set permissions for those accessing materials. Set user-specific restrictions and limitations on ordering certain materials.

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