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Our mission is to help give you back your time. Helping you to save money along the way is the cherry on top.

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Not sure if you have corporate pricing?

“In our first year, we saved $75k in hard costs transitioning to Mimeo.”

– Tracy Disney, Manager of IS Training – Kindred Healthcare


How is Pricing Provided?

With full transparency! Mimeo’s real-time pricing tool allows customers to receive quotes instantly, reflecting what features were added and removed from the document. You’ll never have to wait for emailed quotes!

How do I pay for my orders?

We are flexible! Mimeo accepts all major credit cards, invoicing, P-Cards, and even integrations into CRMs, ERPs and other enterprise software.

When will my corporate pricing be enabled?

I’m a new customer (But does my company already use Mimeo?)

Thousands of companies already have corporate pricing in place with Mimeo. It will automatically be applied based on your email domain, available instantly on all future orders.

I work at a company that has never used Mimeo. How do I enable corporate pricing?

Welcome! To setup corporate pricing, simply fill out the form above. We’ll be in touch to understand your objectives, budget, and set something up that works best for you! In the meantime, all new accounts display pricing in real time (helpful for those one-off projects).

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