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A manual is intended to inform or instruct. Extremely granular or 30,000 foot views–or maybe somewhere in between–your manual can be constructed to best suit your content needs.

  • Binding Types for Printing Manuals

    Binding Types

    • Staple
    • Twin Loop
    • Coil
    • Saddle Stitch
    • Ring Binders
    • Perfect Bound
  • Paper Stocks and Card Stocks

    Paper Stocks

    • Economy, Value & Premium White Paper
    • Premium White Paper 100% Recycled
    • Coloured Paper

    Card Stocks

    • White Card Stock & White Card Stock 100% Recycled
    • Glossy White Card Stock
    • Coloured Card Stock
  • Cover Tabs and Slip Sheets

    Covers, Tabs & Slip Sheets

    • Gloss, Laminated,
      Vinyl & Card Stock Covers
    • Card Stock, Mylar &
      Custom Tabs
    • Recycled Card Stock &
      Mylar Tabs
    • Light Blue Paper & Card Slip Sheet

Bind Your First Impression

Binding assures that your content won’t fall apart. Your audience can take your complete message to go, free of falling loose leafs. Mimeo offers varying binding types in our manual printing solution.

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