The outsourcing decision is governed by the desire to improve quality and efficiency against the common tradeoffs of doing it yourself. The very nature of the industry, including compliance, risk management, new product launches, and responding to the changing regulatory environment points to print-on-demand as an ideal solution to a complicated and demanding need for accurate and auditable document processes. Mimeo has been adopted as a centralised outsourcing solution by both small and large financial institutions. We rely on our proprietary software and trained staff to ensure that what you see in our offering is what is manufactured to your specifications. By incorporating Mimeo into your workflow you can solve many of your print issues. Mimeo offers delivery as early as the next day, boasts a quality rating of 99.7%, and has customer service available 24/7. Customers typically save 20% to 33% over existing costs and report an average time savings of 40% by outsourcing their document needs to Mimeo. Typical Documents Printed by Mimeo:
  • Pitch Book
  • Deal Books
Presentations, Proposals, Reports
  • Handouts
  • Binders with Tabs
  • Research Reports
  • Training
  • Product Services and Marketing
  • Flyers
Customer Facing Documents
  • Planning Brochures
  • Planning Posters
And More...
  • Compensation and Benefit Booklets
  • Regulatory Notifications
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