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Build and distribute your course material with Mimeo’s content distribution solutions

Mimeo’s solutions can immediately improve the way your organisation prints and distributes learning and training materials. Outsourcing lets you spend more time on your core learning job functions and less on administration. According to Gartner, enterprise document management solutions like Mimeo can save the average organisation between 10%-30%, money that can be reinvested back into the classroom.

We offer full warehousing and fulfilment services to complement our document printing. Order your materials in student sets and have them delivered directly to the classroom. Turn the complicated logistics of supplying a new course into a process that takes minutes instead of days. We print:

  • Bespoke Course Materials
  • Facilitators Guides
  • Orientation Handbooks
  • Sports Programs
  • Workbooks
  • Handbooks
  • Laminated Learning Aides
  • Brochures
  • Table Tents
  • Notepads

Operate Your Own Branded Training Document Order Centre – Mimeo Marketplace

  • Now you can take the documents that you store in the free Mimeo library and with a click have them appear in your own secure document training store. Imagine a site like Amazon with just your documents.
  • Publish and update documents in real time from your desktop. The second you revise a document, the new version is made available online.
  • You set the pricing. Perfect for selling training materials to external audiences and for turning the learning organisation into a profit centre.
  • Publish materials and items for an entire classroom.
  • Instead of pushing materials to your Instructors and Students, have them to do their own ordering.
  • Customer support is available from 24/7.

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Integrate Mimeo into Your Learning Management System

Mimeo is built on open standards and can integrate with almost any LMS system. Now you can order classroom materials through Mimeo from the same platform that you use to schedule and manage classes.

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