Send Content to All Locations With a Click

As a technology company, we love logistics. Our address book function lets you quickly upload location delivery information and widely distribute with just a click. Easily send materials to one, some, or all of your retail locations. See how we helped Dave & Buster's

See Your Content Come Alive

Our proofing technology lets you view your guides, documents and training materials online in real time; what you see is what you get. No more waiting days for a proof. Collaboration between internal departments is seamless and immediate.

Support Rollouts of New Technologies

Your employees require training to take advantage of the new technologies adopted to help your restaurant and hotel locations run more efficiently. Upload files by 6PM GMT and training materials can be delivered to all locations the next morning. See how it works here.

Empower Location Managers to Order Approved Content

Mimeo Marketplace lets you publish your content to a branded online storefront. Managers access only the documents that relate to their line of business. The Mimeo platform handles all the print and distribution behind the scenes, including approvals, real-time tracking and reporting.

Create New Revenue Streams

Training and support materials are a potential profit centre in a franchise model. Our royalty program provides a new revenue stream from your existing content through our Marketplace platform. Payments, accounting and reporting are all handled for you behind the scenes.
Discover Your New Revenue Stream

Global Support

Our facilities are strategically located in the UK, continental Europe, and North America, making our global footprint an integral part of your international distribution. Whether you are supporting restaurant and hotel locations domestically, internationally, or have plans to expand, we can help.

'Mimeo can handle the printing and distribution needs of both our new and established stores incredibly well. Being able to place an order on a Monday evening and have every location receive materials the next morning provides total support for our network."

Director of Training

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