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Keep your technical documentation always up to date. Easily manage print and distribution online.

Simple ways to manage your technical documentation

Technical documentation is one of the most important product components and is often legally regulated. Strict version control is essential. Mimeo offers you the solution for easy creation and management of your documents, usage instructions and manuals. Our Print platform allows you to upload, constantly update, print and distribute on demand, to support just-in-time and agile production processes.

With Mimeo, you can save time and money on:

  • Warehousing costs
  • Waste: reduce the amount of obsolete documentation 
  • Ensuring the right documentation gets delivered every time

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Why choose Mimeo for your technical documents’ management and printing?

  • Our manufacturing print solution provides a seamless and cost-effective platform to produce high-quality documents
  • Mimeo Print allows team members to easily collaborate to update and approve content
  • You can organise your documents by product line, channel partner or language, ensuring that the right documentation reaches the right person and you are always ready for international markets
  • Our on-demand model is ideal for short runs
  • You ensure that only up-to-date documents are circulated
  • Our facilities are strategically located across the globe. Whether you are already doing business internationally or have plans to expand, our technical publication solution will scale with your business

What process efficiencies can Mimeo provide?

  • Mimeo matches the production of materials to your manufacturing process
  • Printed materials are no longer kept in stock in large quantities, reducing warehouse costs
  • Stock control for documentation is no longer required
  • Printing on demand eliminates the risk of adding obsolete technical documents to your product shipments
  • Printing to order eliminates waste documentation
  • On-demand production of accurate technical documents improves time to market
  • Automatic reporting of material production and distribution costs help to manage spend

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Case Study: Mimeo Provides a Medical Device Manufacturer Optimal Inventory Management

Here is how Mimeo on-demand print and fulfilment helps a lean manufacturer to reduce obsolescence, errors and optimise the inventory of technical documentation:

“Managing inventory effectively within our manufacturing process plays an essential role in providing customers with their products on time. Mimeo helps us achieve this with the automated production and distribution of our technical literature.”

– Commodity Manager

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