Keep it unique. Keep it simple.

Add a unique touch to personalised documents using variable data printing. Variable data printing enables customisation of one or multiple elements of printed materials, allowing you to easily change:




Personalise Your Audience’s Experience


Jenna the Trainer

Using VDP, Jenna can deliver personalised training materials to her clients, each with individual alterations to:


John the Sales Rep

Using VDP, John can greet clients and prospects with personalised sales literature that has different:


A medical device manufacturer customised, co-branded, and localised their materials with Mimeo. Find out how variable data printing helped their product team gain insight into content ROI.


Make it personal

Stay in touch. Provide your contact information: name, images, email address, phone number, or region.

Localise your brand

Are you a piece of a larger puzzle? Modify documents with local promotions, unique messages, special dates, contact information, locations, and logos.

Team up with others

Partner up for your next event. Co-brand promotional, partnership, event, or sponsorship materials with multiple logos.

Customising Documents Your Way

Customise and personalise printed materials for your next session, event, or promotion:

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