Do you know how much your print processes cost?

Are you able to evaluate how much time is spent on tasks associated with delivering your print content?


It can be difficult to assess how much an organisation really spends on creating, managing and distributing print products. The true cost of print does not end with ordering a large volume of printed products. Very often the costs are hidden in time spent on picking and packing, warehousing and inventory tasks, and distribution – to name a few.


True Cost of Printing


For every £1.00 spent on print, another £3.00+ is spent on the process and related services.

Mimeo can help reduce the costs of the time-consuming tasks and provide savings in areas that are not naturally associated with print. Customers that are using Mimeo platform report an average time saving of 40% over previous methods of print procurement.



Save Time by Outsourcing Non-Core Work Employees are the highest cost associated with running a business.* Mimeo’s time-saving tools allow your employees to focus on what is critical to your bottom line.
Increase Productivity Upload, build, proof, order, and reorder documents online in less than 5 minutes. Eliminate the extra (error-prone) proofing and communication steps of local printers or internal resources.
Reduce Hidden Warehousing Costs Warehousing, storing and inventory adds 19% to the total cost of print.** Mimeo significantly reduces or eliminates the need to warehouse documents because of fast fulfilment and distribution.
Conversion from Fixed to Variable Costs Avoid the financial commitments associated with buying or leasing equipment, preprinting inventory, or purchasing warehouse space. There is no need to add the expense of equipment that stands idle for a significant amount of time. No minimum volumes, late cut-off times, and easy reordering make Mimeo an ideal solution.
Eliminate Document Waste 10-20% of all business documents are discarded without ever being used.* Mimeo’s on-demand printing eliminates this waste by allowing you to order only what you need.
The Extra Mile Your content is created for your intended audience to consume. Mimeo handles not only the production but the logistics of delivery and tracking of materials, both locally and globally.


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** Cap Ventures

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