Our Warehousing and Kitting inventory control system will keep track of your warehoused items and alert you when quantities are running low. You’ll receive detailed usage and inventory reports so you will never have shortages or excessive overages.


Virtually any document you print can be included as part of your kit. Often customers begin with a 2 or 4-ring binder. Add a spiral-bound copy of the PowerPoint® presentations the speakers will be making. Include a sample of the new four-page, colour brochure that is coming out, and add the set of flash cards that makes learning fun and easy. Mimeo can add it all.


Warehousing and Kitting - BackpackYou can also include warehouse items in your kit. Include a branded pen or highlighter, a stress ball, or a CD or DVD. Maybe there is an inspirational book you would like the team to read. We will package it all together. You can also choose from basic unbranded office supplies like pens, sticky notes, or markers.


Occasionally the sequence of your documents is important, even critical. We understand. You tell us what order you require, and that is exactly how we will assemble your kit. When the sequence of your documents is not essential, we will assemble your components in the most logical way for safe packing and shipping.


Some customers require sub-sets within their kit. A recent customer wanted all the Sales Reps to leave the regional meeting with ten copies of the new product brochure so they could hit the ground running when they returned to their sales territories. Inside the larger training kits we shrink wrapped the brochures together in a neat package. No missing brochures or bent edges. You can shrink wrap the entire kit, as well as specific items within the kit.


As you prepare documents for an important event, consider Mimeo’s Kit Buildersm the first innovative technology for online kitting. Save time for yourself and your team, and avoid the last minute collation and distribution chores. You get all the benefits of Mimeo’s print quality, innovative technology, and speed of delivery. And now you get it all in a neat, professional, organised kit.

To learn more about how to use our warehousing and kitting service feel free to call 0808 208 4260 or Int’l +44 1480 410 437  or click on the button below.

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