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Going Beyond the Buzzword


50 min + Q&A
Followed by a 5-minute Mimeo Demonstration

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What You’ll Learn

Microlearning is a widely-known “buzzword” these days as training conferences tackle what this new mode of learning is. Supporters herald it as the new wave of corporate learning, and critics decry it as only a fad.

Join Mimeo for a panel discussion with learning professionals who have put microlearning to the test. The panelists discuss where microlearning has succeeded, potential pitfalls to avoid, and tips for getting started or refreshing your microlearning program.

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JD Dillon

JD Dillon has spent 15 years designing and implementing learning and performance strategies for respected global organisations, including The Walt Disney Company, Kaplan, Brambles, and AMC Theatres. With his practical approach and unique ability to integrate science, technology, storytelling, and pure common sense, JD delivers modern solutions that enable employees, improve performance, and deliver best-in-class experiences.

In his current role with Axonify, JD works with an award-winning team to boost employee knowledge and performance for global partners through the application of modern learning theory and cutting-edge technology.

You can find JD on Twitter via @JD_Dillon or online at jddillon.com.

Dr. Manal Houri

Dr. Manal Houri is a Technical Training Manager at Ericsson Learning Services driving the strategic learning portfolio transformation in the North American region in alignment with Ericsson’s customer technical competence growth plans. As a researcher, consultant, and manager, Dr. Houri has been a leader in the technical learning area for more than 10 years, with a focus on thought leadership and strategic innovation.

Dr. Houri holds a B.S and M.S. in Computer Science from the Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. She holds an Adjunct Faculty appointment at Southern Methodist University and is a frequent speaker at major learning conferences.

Ann McDonald

Ann has over 20 years of experience as a Talent Development leader with a history of consistently improving sales performance and business results through innovative learning and development methods and strategic talent management initiatives. She has a proven track record in providing talent management and learning and development solutions, and in selecting, implementing, and leveraging technology to maximise employee engagement and increase learning retention in order to optimise results in sales-driven organisations.

At Mimeo, Ann is responsible for leading the strategic direction of all training and development programmes, and is currently in the process of putting the right tools and systems in place to enhance learning opportunities and improve training impact for all levels of employees, from new hires through the executive level.

Keith Mahon


Keith is a Training Consultant to State Street Global Advisors with extensive experience working with large companies to develop and implement innovative workforce development processes, programmes, and systems.