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Top Ten Ways to Turn Learning into Improved Performance


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L&D professionals excel at designing and delivering learning initiatives and curated content. They have years of practice perfecting formal learning, the “10” in the 70:20:10 framework. But too often the experiential and social learning – the “70” and “20” – components that lead to results after the “10” are left to chance.

How can you make these informal learning elements of your programmes intentional rather than accidental? In this session, discover specific ways to activate informal and social learning to sustain your most important initiatives so improved workplace performance is consistently delivered.

Join us for this complimentary Mimeo webinar, delivered by Fort Hill Company. Katherine Granger, President, and Calhoun Wick, Founder, will share the top 10 tips to:

  • Set expectations for application before you begin a programme
  • Use challenges to focus action
  • Embed performance support in work
  • Activate social learning
  • Verify improved performance

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Katherine Granger

Kathy Granger is the President of Fort Hill Company, the industry leader in web-based learning activation solutions. With over 15 years of experience at Fort Hill working with global clients, consultants and executive education partners, Kathy now leads the company’s research, design and development of new learning transfer technologies and services. Her team launched 70-20®, Fort Hill’s newest informal and social learning solution in 2015.

Email: granger@forthillcompany.com

Phone: 302-651-9223

calhoun wick

Calhoun Wick

Cal Wick is the founder of Fort Hill Company, as well as a recognized educator and researcher on learning transfer and intentional informal learning. Cal is a co-author of the acclaimed book Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development Into Business Results, which has now been published in four languages. He was named Thought Leader of the Year by ISA, the Association of Learning Providers, and was the recipient of the first-ever Neon Elephant Award by Work Learning Research.

Email: wick@forthillcompany.com

Phone: 302-651-9223

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