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A Ninja’s Guide to Personality Assessments


55 min

“Rebecca, this is great, you are an excellent virtual presenter and this was a great investment of my time. Thank you!”

“Absolutely terrific; many thanks.”

“Great session, thanks, Becca!”

The personality assessment industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years. Once a common tool for selection purposes, assessments have significantly increased in popularity in the learning and development community. This webinar aims to educate the audience on how to effectively implement assessments at their respective organisations.

People are your competitive advantage. In a business environment where most companies have access to the same resources and technology, successful companies must differentiate themselves from the competition. By using assessments, organisations can effectively identify employees’ work strengths, shortcomings, and core values, ensuring you get the most from your employees, and they get the most out of their careers.

Join Rebecca Callahan of Hogan Assessments, a global leader in personality assessment and leadership development, for an in-depth look at the personality assessment industry, and how to get the most mileage out of using assessments for developmental purposes.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Integrating assessments into a learning and development environment
  • Identifying soft skills and competencies
  • Using assessments for scalable individual development
  • Leveraging group analytics to target and segment development strategies
  • Team diagnosis and effectiveness
  • High potentials and succession
  • Determining your leadership track

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Rebecca Callahan

About Our Speaker: Rebecca Callahan

As manager of Hogan Lab, Becca maintains an overarching and cohesive strategy for Hogan’s product portfolio. She implements the processes and structures that improve Hogan’s product development and resource alignment, ultimately seeking to grow revenue by launching new and updated products.

Additionally, Rebecca draws on her extensive talent management background to elicit and analyse product feedback from Hogan employees, partners, clients, and prospects.

Beyond her product development role, Rebecca has extensive experience implementing strategic talent management initiatives for organisations worldwide. She is also an experienced facilitator in training, strategy, and team building, and has enjoyed working with organisations to select and retain engaged and high-performing leaders.

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