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"If there are any customs importing issues Mimeo always flag them to us immediately, so we have time to resolve the situation. As a result all our customers see is a seamless printing and logistics service and we have Mimeo to thank for that." Mike Dickinson, MSAB

"Our field trainers love that they no longer spend half a day assembling binders and can focus that time instead on skill development and revenue-generating activities." Ann M., Jenny Craig

"I love automation which to me means scaling growth without overhead. Mimeo does not just provide quality solutions, they keep my startup lean and my balance sheet green!" Laszlo Nadler, Tools4Wisdom

"Before Mimeo, our team stood in front of the printers up to 30% of the time. Just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you should. Mimeo gave them back time in their lives." Dawn Apple, Motorola

"I can categorise my training content much more easily using the library feature."Mandi Janezeck, RA Sushi

"As the world has become more global, our clients’ accounts have become more complex. Having a service like Mimeo has allowed us to do what we do best." Elaine Turcotte, Barnes & Conti

"Since deciding to use Mimeo we have found their dedication to ensuring our deliveries arrive on time to be excellent." Mike Dickinson, MSAB

"We get much more professional-looking documents that are bound with twin-loop wire and an impressive clear matte cover. And the quality of the color printing - which is so important for us - is amazing. We were very fortunate to discover Mimeo". Carol Carlin, Nabors

"Mimeo has streamlined our printing process and, at the same time, provides us with high quality printing at affordable prices." Worldwide Express

"I chose Mimeo because of their excellent interactive website that lets you visualise the final printed design before you commit." Mike Dickinson, MSAB

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Mimeo is the innovator of on-demand cloud printing services and a leading online printing company offering digital distribution and printing solutions. Thousands of customers rely on the company’s award winning document management tools and print on demand solutions to lower document related costs while improving employee productivity.

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