Big Data Use Cases: Retailers and Print Marketing

Big Data Use Cases: Retailers and Print Marketing

Big data and analytics are hot topics right now. Marketers are at the center of the discussion, and they’re increasingly joined by retailers and merchants looking for the key to amazing customer experiences. According to a study conducted by KPMG International, 92 percent of business leaders and 73 percent of retail managers use data and analytics for sales and marketing.

The source also reported that 81 percent of senior business executives have increased their understanding of consumers thanks to big data, and 41 percent of those individuals have used that knowledge to develop more personalised offers to their potential customers. Retailers and their marketing teams are interested in big data, and the benefits of doing so are painfully clear.

How can you use big data? Let’s take a brief look at some techniques which you can use to leverage big data to improve print marketing.

Offer Relevant Ads and Discounts: Collect data on customers involved in rewards programmes or with online accounts – what they’ve purchased, browsed and rated – and use that information to send out postcards with discounts or weekly flyers with relevant and related items.

Predict Trends and Desires: With some help from other data sources such as social media and news outlets, you can make accurate predictions as to what products will sell and what items shoppers are interested in. Better yet, pair that data with weather statistics or holidays, and send corresponding posters or flyers for products and services that are appropriate to current events.

Visualize trends and optimize them with external data sources to achieve the most value out of big data.Visualise trends and optimise them with external data sources to achieve the most value out of big data.

Target Audiences Based on Location: Nowadays, mobile devices help retailers keep tabs on customer locations around town, so consider looking at traffic data – both foot and vehicle – for key points in the local community that consumers pass through every day. Hang posters or hand out flyers and businesses cards at those locations to drive shoppers to your store.

Map the Customer Journey in Stores: The KPMG International report highlighted the story of a global retailer that mapped the customer journey with heat maps and transaction data. The retailer used the information to make marketing more valuable and actually change the customer experience. You can hang posters at certain points or place products in strategically visible locations. Alternatively, you can create an event or game using QR codes around the store to keep customers engaged and change their shopping patterns.

These are only a few ways that you can use big data, analytics and print to improve marketing ROIs, boost engagement and, most importantly, provide great experiences, but this is a perfect place to start.

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