Why a Marketing Calendar May Help Your Business

why-a-marketing-calendar-may-help-your-businessIf all other aspects of a business are planned, such as finances, staffing and sales, why wouldn’t marketing be planned as well? Small enterprises that wish to compete with their larger counterparts may want to take a page from their marketing plans.

Why businesses need a marketing calendar
Businesses that are launching new products should consider carefully constructing a plan to introduce their ventures. Creating a marketing calendar is often the first step in successfully cultivating a proper strategy.

When businesses are consistent with their tactics, customers can gain trust in a brand. Utilising a calendar gives enterprises an opportunity to manage a budget. By ensuring that cash flow is secure, businesses can properly allocate their funds.

“Calendars give enterprises an opportunity to manage a budget.”

A marketing calendar also ensures that companies staff accordingly. Partners and employees should know when important fundraising opportunities or after-hours events are happening in order to plan their schedules. Forbes reports that, “Editorial calendar software aids collaboration between editors and writers and allows site managers to schedule and automate weeks’ or months’ worth of posts.”

A properly prepared marketing calendar also gives businesses an opportunity to set goals. When printed calendars are distributed at the beginning of the year, entrepreneurs can go over what each member of the organisation’s target is for the year. Distributing a binder with printed materials, such as flyers, sign-in sheets, and certificates, in addition to a calendar, can help staff stay organised.

How to create a marketing calendar
Businesses should first reach out to existing clients to find out their preferences. Customers are often the best sources of feedback. The next step is to schedule holidays, vacations and other pre-existing obligations.


Customers are often the best sources of feedback.

Entrepreneurs should also set goals. Create a marketing strategy with set dates and targets to meet. By creating a time frame, businesses have structure for their campaigns. “We recommend marketing calendars because, if you don’t have a plan in place for what you’ll do and when, then you get busy and it falls by the wayside,” Robert Sofia, co-founder of Platinum Advisor Strategies, told Investment News. Determining who is in charge of each responsibility is also valuable.

Communicating with staff and frequently checking with the status of each goal is crucial. “It’s best to have a consistent, ongoing marketing program at a high level to keep business at a high level,” Sofia told the news outlet. Ensuring that the entire organisation understands their responsibilities will allow for smoother execution of targeted strategies.

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