Top 5 Recruiting Apps to Consider for Your Talent Strategy

Recruiting Apps Improve Talent StrategyRecruiting top talent is a challenging task in today’s job market. With only 8 percent of companies using mobile platforms for recruitment, mobile apps can give your organisation an advantage in locating, interviewing, and hiring the right candidates. Consider using these top 5 recruiting apps in your talent strategy:

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

With 400 million professional users, LinkedIn is a natural choice for recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter, available for iOS and Android, focuses on networking and search tools for locating candidates. Additionally, LinkedIn Recruiter provides alerts on new potential candidates and specialised tools for contacting them.

2. Workable

If you want to increase your chances of finding the right candidate, Workable is an iOS and Android app that offers syndication to more than 50 free and premium job board services as well as social networks — a rising platform to locate potential hires.

In addition, Workable provides advanced applicant tracking tools that include candidate profiles, scorecards and evaluations, reports and analytics, and even interview scheduling.

3. WhatsApp

Incredibly popular for social messaging, WhatsApp is also a surprisingly helpful tool for recruiters. With the rise of direct messaging apps, this free resource has a high rate of 62 percent active users.

WhatsApp offers the ability to post jobs, while WhatsApp Groups are ideal for recruiting, organising, and segmenting candidates within the app — plus it lets you know immediately when messages are read.

WhatsApp is One of Many Great Recruiting Apps That Keeps Candidates and HR Connected4. Interview Assistant Pro HD

Hiring isn’t just about posting job ads and catching the attention of candidates. It also involves some form of interview process. This is exactly where Interview Assistant can help. This iOS mobile app is designed to streamline the process, providing:

  • Tools to prepare interviews (including pre-set interview questions)
  • Tracking of interview results,
  • Stored question templates for future use

5. InterQ

InterQ is another recruitment app focused on improving the interview process on both sides of the table. Its process begins with the candidate answering a few questions through the interactive app, which then generates a response sheet for the recruiter or interviewer.

Based on this information, the interviewer can inspire more natural and focused conversation to help in making the right hiring decision. The list of questions can be selected based on the type of position the candidate is applying for, making it more informative to the interviewer.

With candidates searching for jobs on the go, it only makes sense for recruiters to take advantage of mobile job tools as well. The above apps will provide fresh insights into your candidate pools while also allowing you to identify and interview potential hires.


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