The True Value of Learning & Development

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Learning and Development departments have developed over the past few decades, and there is a growing trend towards in-house training, rather than outsourcing.
So why is L&D “suddenly” so important?

The Value

To those working in Learning and Development, the value of L&D is clear. However, explaining the crucial importance of L&D to other departments can be tasking.

Learning and Development is a lifelong process and, although motivation varies with every individual, organisations can play a big role in helping employees develop into the right direction.

Educating other departments

L&D doesn’t provide instantly tangible results, such as flowcharts or presentations, and their focus is on long-term gains. Because of this, L&D professionals have to make a concerted effort to remind others about the results and benefits of ongoing learning.

Value Your RelationshipsLearning and Development Departments build valuable relationships

It’s important to build good relations with staff. Maintaining so many relationships can be a challenge, but, as L&D professional, it is crucial to build trust by learning as much as possible about the business and its goals by connecting with each department on a regular basis.

No Learning and Development Department?

For organisations without L&D, they often buy in expertise or managers and employees have to identify learning needs and source themselves. While the value of L&D is clear, not every company can afford an in-house L&D department and learning could mean doing it on the job without formalised training.


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