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With Mimeo Digital you can distribute all your content today. No upfront time or cost investment.

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Quick Setup

Quick setup

Share all your digital content, including video and audio, together with images and text documents. We support any device with no software, plug-ins or apps to install.

Full control over your content

Full control over your content

Upload your content to our own secure, on-premise data centers. Our platform prevents redistribution and you maintain control over your content.

Rights management<

Rights management

With Mimeo Digital you control access permissions and set expiration dates for your content. Reports and a clear dashboard provide in-depth insight into all activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you secure my eContent?

Our Offline Reader uses Digital Rights Management technology to encrypt your content. When a user attempts to add a new title to a device, our servers verify that the user is allowed access, verifies they haven’t exceeded their device quota, and sets expiration dates and other security measures before permanently locking the content to the device. Our Online Reader displays all content right in the browser, so there is no content file to download, modify or redistribute. We also employ measures that protect against copy & paste actions.

What files types are supported through eContent?

Content can be made available in various online and offline formats.

How do you prevent redistribution?

Our Online Reader and Video Streaming technologies display content right in the browser with no content files to download. Our Offline Reader does require a file to be handed off to the user, but the file doesn’t contain the actual content. Once loaded into a Reader, it instructs the Reader to verify credentials and then streams and locks the encrypted content directly to the device.

How long do users have access?

Our Online Reader, Offline Reader and Video Streaming solutions all enable you to determine the date range for users accessing your eContent. Set a hard expiration date or opt for a given number of days from download. Once content has expired a user will lose the ability to access and view it.

How does this work with my existing Mimeo account?

Your eContent can be uploaded and distributed using your existing Mimeo account. If you have existing documents in your Mimeo Library, simply select a digital format when publishing or distributing them and we’ll automatically convert the files into eContent for you.

Can you stop users from modifying and printing my content?

Yes. All content is properly secured and there is no opportunity for users to modify your content directly or print them locally. We also offer customisation technology whereby you can enable users to make some changes to specific parts of the content which you specify.

How can my users annotate and collaborate?

Our Online Reader allows for extensive annotations that is automatically saved to the cloud. Go even further with our Group Annotations and allow an entire group or class of users to share annotations across a document or provide feedback on content designs.

Can I distribute content that does not require security?

Our File Download option allows you to distribute any type of original content to your users without any security restrictions once they have the file. File types supported including PDFs, Office files, images, audio/video, or even software. Advanced settings allow your users to change specific portions of content before they download.

Can I get reporting on usage?

Review real-time on-demand reporting on your eContent distributions, purchases and downloads. If you are using the Online Reader, you can also see when and the amount of time each user spent viewing your eContent.

How does this work with my existing Mimeo Marketplace account?

Mimeo’s Marketplace storefront solution supports eContent. Publish new eContent or use existing documents from your Mimeo Library which we’ll convert to eContent automatically. Select delivery and security options and mark-up to your desired price using our Royalty Program. eContent will be delivered to users after purchase.

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