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Make your business stand out. Build, print, and deliver better marketing materials online, on demand, whenever you need them.

Easily create, print, and
distribute your marketing collateral

Keep your marketing materials readily available and always up to date.

Your products get updated frequently. Legislation and other factors change. But you don’t have to be burdened with storing marketing materials that become outdated. No matter what your needs, whether it’s last-minute projects with short deadlines or distributing marketing literature in time for trade shows, events, and exhibitions, Mimeo can help!

Our Mimeo Print and Marketplace platforms make printing your marketing literature easy. We offer a simple and fast ordering system, from content upload to delivery, streamlining your print processes. As a result, you will save time and money on:

  • Warehousing costs
  • Distribution: picking and packing marketing materials to deliver to your audience
  • Delivery costs: especially when having to deliver to multiple addresses

Why choose Mimeo for your marketing materials?

Do you face any of the following challenges in your Marketing department? If any of the statements opposite sounds familiar to you and your organisation, Mimeo can provide a solution to fit your needs.

You need to create, print and distribute a variety of marketing materials.
Your audiences vary so you need to deliver different items to each group/individual.
You would like to produce personalised collateral for your audience.
You often have to warehouse, pick and pack your materials and you are also responsible for stock disposal.
You have a field-based team that needs your materials.
You want to make sure your branding and quality stay consistent, no matter where your materials are printed.

How Mimeo compares to other online printing companies and your internal print facilities

To start with, Mimeo has no minimum order quantity. You can print low quantities of materials to minimise waste and unnecessary stock holding. In addition, we allow you to build your own documents and keep them up to date, reusing the same artwork, proof in real time and more. The Mimeo difference is flexibility and options that you don’t have elsewhere.

Unlimited storage space for creating your own online document library. Mimeo’s online platform is ready for your order 24/7.
Personalise your literature with our VDP functionality.
Gain access to a network of approved printers throughout the world. We will produce the same high-quality marketing collateral anywhere in the world.
No longer worry about customs delays and complications. Save time and money on warehousing, picking, packing, distribution.
Enjoy award-winning customer support throughout the entire process – from file creation to document distribution to your customers.

Our Platforms

Whatever your needs, Mimeo provides a solution for printing and distributing your marketing collateral. 

Mimeo Print Solution

Start expecting more from your printing. Set yourself free from inconvenient in-store pickups. Mimeo Print is a cutting-edge platform that puts you in control with exclusively online, print-on-demand technology.

Customer Branded Storefront

Create a secure, self-service content storefront in minutes. Build and maintain your own document library. Upload product training guides, approved marketing, and other materials.

Variable Data Printing Functionality

Customise your documents with Variable Data Printing. Make all of your documents unique to your audience.

Add a personal touch to your documents using variable data printing within Mimeo Print. Our variable data printing functionality enables customisation of one or multiple elements of any printed materials, allowing you to easily:


Make it personal

Stay in touch. Provide your contact information: name, images, email address, phone number, or location.


Localise your brand

Are you a piece of a larger puzzle? Modify documents with local promotions, custom messages, special dates, contact information, locations, and logos.

Customer Services

Team up with others

Securely distribute your content anywhere in the world, in any format, to any device, affordably.

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