Our vision is to be one of the most efficient print utilities in the world. Mimeo offers a unique way to reduce capital expenditures on digital printing equipment by shifting these costs to a variable model. We are able to do this by amortising the costs associated with space, technology and equipment over a user base of thousands of corporations vs. the current model of every company building their own print centre. Customers immediately benefit from the “shared” investment in proprietary technology and workflow built over our history.

Typical Documents printed by Mimeo

  • Plans, Proposals and Projections
  • Market Studies
  • Budgets
  • Board Packets
  • Roadmaps
  • Research

Why is Mimeo Quickly Becoming the Industry Performance Benchmark?

Value: As a shared services platform, you can leverage print spend across the global enterprise to drive down costs. Work process improvements promise to drive down costs an additional 10%-30%.

Quality: There is no print provider that can beat a 99.7% flawless rate, a level that is at least 10% higher than the closest competitor. We’d be glad to provide our performance metrics.

Service: Mimeo employees are available 24/7 to help.

Convenience: Connect Mimeo directly into your Intranet for features such as secure sign-on, and the connection of our billing system to yours.

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