How Does Your Training Measure Up?

Every year, Mimeo surveys corporate learning professionals in the US about their teams, technology, and challenges.

In this fifth annual State of Learning and Development report, we partnered with Challenger, a leading sales training and consulting provider, to find out:


Our team in the US surveyed 200+ training, talent, and learning and development professionals. Here’s our in-depth report on the US state of corporate learning and the insights you may find useful to apply in your organisation.

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What does the average US training team look like in 2020?

What does US corporate training look like in 2020?

What does L&D in the US need to move forward into the new decade?

How has the global outbreak of COVID-19 impacted training teams?

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Key Trends Over 5 Years

We also took a look back over the past 5 years to identify key trends, including:

Are corporate training teams growing in the US?

Is the format of corporate training changing?

Do training technology fads ever really take off?

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Were We Ready for COVID-19?

We ran our survey in February 2020, just before the outbreak of COVID-19 forced major change to most global businesses. With this snapshot, we look at:

Were training teams set up with the right technology to support remote training in the US?

Were training teams set up with the right skills and resources to rapidly develop new training?

How has the US corporate training industry been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19?

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