How Mimeo supports the environment

Just like many other businesses, we generate carbon emissions throughout our production process. With the help of our staff and the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Scheme, we reduce carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment.

Trees are the most effective tool in helping to cool down our planet – they absorb harmful carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and cleanse the air. However, with only 13% tree cover, the UK is one the of the least wooded countries in Europe.

As a printing company, paper is our most important resource. Therefore, at Mimeo, we help sustain and preserve our countryside, trees, and sky. Many of our suppliers are Green Seal Certified or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified.

  • By submitting documents from your desktop and using our online proofing tool, customers avoid multiple trips to printing facilities and the wasted paper that comes from mistakes and overstocking.
  • Mimeo offers 100% recycled paper, alongside a wide range of quality paper, all of which meet EPA recycling guidelines.
  • Our facilities are continually audited for energy consumption, toxins, chemicals, materials, supply chain, and employee practices.
  • Our print presses run with virtually no emissions, do not use harmful compounds, require no hazardous waste removal, and consume low levels of energy.
  • High-end printing presses and processes allow us to fulfil your order with little or no make-ready and change-over waste.
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Mimeo and the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture Scheme

By working with the Woodland Trust as a Woodland Carbon partner, we are involved in the UK wide carbon removal scheme which operates under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code.Through the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture Scheme Mimeo can mitigate its CO2 emissions. We do this through contributions towards the partnership between Premier Paper and Woodland Trust. It works by capturing the CO2 emissions from the paper Mimeo purchases and by planting trees that create native woodland here in the UK.





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