The Training Development Group in Kindred’s Implementation Services department is responsible for nearly all learning deliverables for the organisation. Each year, they reach more than half of Kindred’s 75,000 employees. The team’s previous print solution required printing in bulk and warehousing the materials that would then be shipped to Kindred customers. This process not only required 6 weeks to get content to end users, but dissuaded them from making edits because of the cost involved with throwing away older versions.

  • Eliminate warehousing
  • Deliver only updated materials to customers


Mimeo’s online solution, allowing document edits and real-time proofing, combined with quick-turn printing capabilities and no order minimums, eliminated the need to warehouse.

“I never want to say to our customers that we can’t make the changes they requested until we finish our current inventory. We don’t have to say that with Mimeo.” -Tracy


  • Transition to 100% on-demand model
  • Eliminated pre-print and warehousing of materials
  • Real-time edits to content are immediately available

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“In our first year, we saved $75k in hard costs transitioning to Mimeo.” -Tracy

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