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Cost Savings
Time Savings
Protecting IP

Mimeo's streamlined process removes costly steps

Manufacturer Marketing and Product Content

Mimeo streamlined the way a manufacturer manages, prints and distributes Marketing and Product content

Technical Documentation

Mimeo provides optimal inventory management for a technical documentation team at a lean manufacturer.

New Classroom & Digital Learning Experience

Richardson protects their intellectual property without sacrificing end-user experience for its digital learners.

New Digital Delivery of Client Content

Richardson is able to digitally replicate a classroom experience for its global learners.

New A Branded Digital Learner Experience

The Modeling Agency provides a branded learner experience for its clients.

New Securing Training Content Print & Digital

By securing training content in print and digital formats, The Modeling Agency offered clients robust blended learning.

Software Company

How a software company scaled to support its growing channel partner network.

Dave and Busters

D&B simplifies complex orders with Mimeo’s Bundle Builder

National Business Officers Association

NBOA is one of many associations that saves time & money with Mimeo

Barnes & Conti

Barnes & Conti's content production and delivery goes from over a week to just one day with Mimeo

Worldwide Express

Mimeo improves quality and lowers costs

Lavender International

As Lavender’s business scaled, they used Mimeo to meet an increased demand of complex training materials to support their customer base

Motorola Solutions

For Motorola Solutions' largest RFP roll-out to date, they relied on Mimeo as an extension of their own team.

Richardson Sales Training

A lasting partnership with Mimeo increases employee bandwidth and frees up Richardson's resources

Richardson Sales Training

​Richardson provides clients value with consistent training documents delivered around the world


Mimeo's convenience and consistent quality keep Blackbaud coming back


Mimeo allows clients to protect their content and distribute it at the same time!

Dave and Busters

Restaurant locations easily able to access up-to-date documents in a custom branded storefront


Hyatt locations easily access Marketing and L&D materials in a custom branded storefront

Barnes and Conti

Mimeo helps Barnes & Conti easily distribute content across the globe

Lend Lease

Lend Lease utilises Mimeo's services to streamline multiple global projects

Sage Software

Mimeo's streamlined process removes costly steps


Marketplace opens additional revenue stream for STAR

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain achieves their goal of increasing the number and quantity of RFP reponses

Siemens [Infographic]

Siemens Medical RFP team improved their process, replacing an internal process with Mimeo

Dave and Busters

D&B supports New Store Openings, Ongoing Store Training & Critical Pushes with Mimeo’s platforms


Siemens uses Mimeo to save time, money, and improve the quality of their RFPs

Kindred Healthcare – Roll Out

Kindred Healthcare uses Mimeo to rollout a company-wide intiative

Kindred Healthcare – Online Storefront

Kindred's print process goes from taking 6 weeks to 12 hours with Mimeo

Kindred Healthcare – Shipping and Storage

Mimeo's ability to print on demand eliminates Kindred's tedious warehousing arrangement

Kindred Healthcare – Savings

Mimeo saves Kindred $75k in one year

STAR [Infographic]

Highlights from our 8-year relationship with STAR

Iron Mountain

Mimeo's efficiency gives Iron Mountain the tools to sell more

Iron Mountain

Ordering online removes time-consuming steps

Iron Mountain

24/7 Customer Service lets you order with confidence

Parker Drilling

Mimeo's streamlined process saves time and money

Jenny Craig

Print on demand eliminates pre-printing and warehousing

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