The Training Team at Dave & Buster’s is responsible for creating, producing and distributing content to all restaurant locations. New store openings require manuals for 200 new employees, being trained for 20 unique positions, in a timely manner.

  • Ensure correct, up-to-date documents arrive at store location
  • Precise execution required due to short training window
  • Manage administrative complexity of ordering process


Dave & Buster’s uses Mimeo’s online tool to upload, build, proof and save their new store opening documents in real time. The Bundle Builder allows the team to create a complete package of new store training materials, available for easy ordering from their Mimeo library. By using preconfigured bundles they can simply update quantities for accurate ordering and delivery to the location.


  • Preconfigured bundles of documents are ready at a moment’s notice
  • Ability to see how documents will appear prior to ordering
  • Administrative burden associated with complex orders reduced to just a few clicks

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Take the ease of use of the Bundle Builder a step further with Mimeo’s Kit Builder – students receive their own package of materials in a specific order, making it even easier to consume your important content.

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