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How to Save Money on Printing your Marketing Collateral

Here are five tips to consider when working on your printed marketing collateral projects.

4 Tips for Effective Distance Learning

Most of the teachers and training professionals have recently had to transform their standard training methods into distance learning in a matter of days. This

4 Ideas for Training Consultant Businesses to Get Creative (and 7 Resources to Get Started)

In these strange times, training consultant businesses have new challenges to face. The majority of the workforce is now, at least temporarily, remote. Businesses are

4 Tips for Corporate Training Spring Cleaning (and 10 Extra Resources)

For many corporate training teams, the lull in business-as-usual is a strange, stressful time. But it can also be a blessing in disguise. As you

Beyond the Feedback Form: Measuring Course Engagement

If you’re still relying on feedback forms to measure L&D course engagement, it’s time to evolve your learning and development strategy.

Four Secrets to Creating Engaging Digital Content

Use these four secrets to ensure your digital learners get the most from your training content.

Three Reasons to Become Scrum Master Certified

Named the hottest job of 2017, scrum masters are becoming an integral part of any team. Learn the benefits of becoming certified here!

Individual Learning Styles

Gone are the days when learners were separated into groups of how they best learn: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Today, this belief is being debunked. It’s important to be able to incorporate aspects of all methods of learning in order to engage learners.

Hazard Prevention in the Workplace

Every occupation has its own set of risks that come with the job, but certain ones, like those in the construction and industrial sectors, have a unique group of risks and challenges all their own.  Many different risks exist, but perhaps the most common are falls, airborne toxins, and electrical hazards.

When should you be a learning facilitator or a trainer?

Learning the difference between the two helps you know when to engage these roles, resulting in a better classroom experience for you and your students!

Tips for Measuring ROI

From pulse checks to receiving intangible and tangible benefits, check out our tips about ROI taken straight from one of our free, on-demand webinars!

4 Sales Management Skills You Should Focus On

Gone are the days when coaching and leadership were the most important skills for sales managers to learn. Learn the 4 most important skills sales managers should have here!

Digital Interaction Vastly Changes Across Platforms

With these tips, you’ll strengthen your readership and reach a wider audience!

6 of the Best Event Marketing Tips to Follow This Year

Every organisation has events, but what should an event marketer do to make it run smoothly? Check out our top 6 tips to ensure your events this year will be the best ones yet!

Start Measuring Your Training this Monday

Follow these five steps to jumpstart your training measurement strategy.

Your Cheat Sheet to Setting Goals

Learn how to set goals efficiently and ready yourself for success with these easy steps!

5 Disruptive FinTech Technologies Redefining Consumer Finance

FinTech, or innovative finance technologies, have transformed the consumer banking industry. Take a look at five of the most important ones that will change the way you bank in the near future!

3 Tips to Create an Engaging Virtual Class

These three tips will help you understand how people process and learn content.

This Outline for Measuring Training Will Save Your Life

Follow this outline so you can showcase your training’s impact on the business.

Don’t Need Web-to-Print? You’re Doomed

Learn how Web2Print technology continues to shape the future of the graphics industry.

5 Tips for Relocating

Use these five tips to know what to bring and what to leave when you start the next great chapter of your life!

Digital Advertising’s Lack of Transparency is This Year’s Main Focus

Digital advertising has long been controversial with issues including transparency and branding.

How ‘Always-On’ Culture is Changing Customer Service

As the Internet further connects us, businesses are expected to use technology to open more avenues of communication with their customers.

6 Learning Apps Your Smartphone Must Have

These six helpful learning applications encourage autonomy and exploration in your learning.

Why Print is Motivating Millennials

As Millennials unplug from the digital advertising world, advertisers have to get increasingly creative.

AI-Enabled ERP: 3 Crucial Benefits for Supply Chain Management

An ERP system becomes more than a simple reaction to users’ requests for information when AI and machine learning are introduced.

6 Characteristics of the Best Project Managers

Project Managers can make or break an organisation depending on their skills and personality traits.

How to Get Your Learning Community Started

These 4 steps make it easy to encourage informal learning with a community of practice.

Tips to Become More Likeable in Your Workplace

Read our tips that can help you become more likeable in your workplace.

Tips For Writing The Best Sales Email

To promote high response rates, a salesperson must know how to create a successful email to their advantage. Read our tips and tricks for writing the best sales emails.

4 Questions to Determine the Business Objectives of Training

Make sure your training is focused on business impact with these 4 questions.

Common Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

The way you design and create your office has more of an impact on your business than you think. Here are 3 main mistakes to avoid when designing your office space.

3 Graphic Design Hacks to Direct Focus

With these tips, you’ll grab your learner’s attention without giving them a headache.

The Essential Checklist for Creating Your Small Business From Scratch

Thinking about creating a small business from scratch? Here is an essential list of actions you should follow in the process.

Remote Working Is Getting Pushed Back

Remote working has been on the rise throughout the years. When it comes to productivity, company culture, employee satisfaction, and more, what are the pros and cons of working remotely?

8 Ingredients for Successful Blended Learning

We asked 8 training experts to share their favourite recipes for blended learning. These are the ingredients you need for successful cooking in your training kitchen!

5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Training More Interactive

These tricks will help you make your online learning more interactive than ever!

3 Tools for Mastering the Lukewarm Call

Strengthen your selling process by warm calling. These 3 tools will bring your content to life, and help you to effectively engage with prospects.

5 Gamification Tips to Make New Hire Learning More Interesting

Game-based learning is an effective way to help new hires get more from your training programmes, and quickly learn your company’s policies and procedures. Here are 5 tips to make your new hire learning process more interesting.

5 Apps to Keep Track of Expenses and Receipts

Tracking expenses and receipts can be tedious. These 5 apps could turn your expense tracking from a disorganised mess to a well-oiled machine.

Seven Ways to Improve Email Communications For L&D Professionals

Follow these tips to improve email communications and help your message be heard by L&D stakeholders and decision-makers.

Why Startups Shouldn’t Ditch HR

Some form of HR is necessary when dealing with startups in order to maximise company and employee value. Read on to find out why it’s so important.

How Often Should Retailers Deliver Product Training?

Today’s average consumer is more informed about products thanks to online reviews. Retail training is changing and can help increase engagement.

The Top 5 HR Startups of 2017

From advanced recruiter bots to ways of attracting the best talent, here are 5 promising new HR startups doing things in the world a little differently.

5 Ways to Reduce Your SaaS Churn

A high churn rate is a sign that your SaaS business isn’t doing well. Here are five proven methods to drastically reduce your organisation’s churn rate.

How to Ensure Your Proposal Content Actually Gets Used

Marketing, sales enablement, and sales teams create a lot of content. Here’s how to ensure the right content is included in your next proposal.

How To Solve 5 RFP Challenges [Infographic]

Research shows that RFP and proposal teams share common pain points. This post and infographic offer solutions to answering these proposal team challenges.

Manufacturing Safety: 7 Tips for a Safer Workplace

Our tips for creating a safer workplace.

Simplify document management

Cloud-based programs allow individuals to create, store and distribute data as needed.

How Brands Must Use Your IoT Data

Internet of Things data is being used by brands to measure customer experience, gather insights, and understand loyalty. Brands will now have the ability to realign their marketing strategy and measure customer satisfaction in near real time, changing both internal processes and external messaging.

Note-Taking: Digital or Traditional?

When it comes to effectively learning and processing material, read why a pen and paper is the more beneficial way to take notes.

Digital Templates Kill Creativity And How To Survive

Digital templates often function as more of a burden than as a resource, especially when they kill your creativity. The good news is that there are ways to salvage your creativity.

When Bad Evaluations Happen to Good Designers

No matter how good an instructional designer you are, you will at one point receive a bad course evaluation. Here are 5 steps for moving forward.

Why Organisations Embrace Design Thinking

Design thinking takes design away from designers and puts it at the centre of how organisations are structured and communicate.

5 Time-Saving Hacks for Trainers

One thing all trainers have in common is a drastic lack of time. That’s why we put together this list of training hacks that will help you save time.

How to Become the Next CLO

Drawing advice from chief learning officers from major companies, we provide these steps to put yourself on the road to being the next head of learning.

Build a Powerful Training Programme by Dinnertime

If there is one thing all professionals can agree on it’s that there is simply never enough time in the day. So, how can trainers create effective material while still making it home for dinner?

3 Reasons Your LMS Isn’t Working For You (And How to Get Around Them)

If LMS means “life must suck” to you, then you are probably a Learning Management System administrator. Commiserate with us and get some tips to make your life easier managing your LMS.

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Training Course

Anyone in L&D knows the pain of not getting a full budget to accomplish everything you planned. Here are three tricks to saving money so that you can innovate without breaking the bank.

Use These 10 Tips To Boost Your Business Email Writing Skills

The good majority of communication in the workplace is done via email. Improve your business email writing skills with these 10 tips.

3 Sustainable Uses of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things creates smarter management, but it also drives sustainability. How are communities using the IoT to drive green initiatives?

3 Reasons Your Front of House Staff Needs Body Language Training

3 reasons why front of house restaurant, retail, and hospitality staff need body language training.

5 Reasons Why Insurers Are Using Omnichannel Distribution

Omnichannel distribution models are gaining momentum in the insurance industry due to their ability to reach a multiplicity of customer segments, beyond an inch deep and a mile wide.

5 HR Trends to Watch in 2018

HR professionals are constantly implementing new strategies as new policies, practices, and technologies. Consider watching these five HR trends in 2018.

Comparing Candidate Sourcing — Ranking the Best Techniques

We’ve compared and ranked the best techniques for sourcing candidates.

How to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! That means parties, shopping, hosting, planning, travelling, and work… Learn how to stay motivated at work with these 7 tips.

25 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Here are 25 quick tips that will help you find the perfect balance between your work and other aspects of life.

5 Tips For Finding The Best Talent For Startups

Convincing people to work for you may be the hardest part about startups. Here are 5 tips to find the best possible talent.

Trends demand training in the restaurant industry

The importance of skilled and well-trained employees in the restaurant industry cannot be understated. So, let’s look at five trends to help you identify where to invest in training materials.

6 Tips to Teach Suggestive Selling to Your Retail Team

Suggestive selling requires marginal effort but has the potential to dramatically increase profits. However, suggestive selling is more than your retail team to continually ask the same question of all of your customers.

3 Millennial Hotels Changing Hospitality

Most likely to travel on the whim, millennials have the opportunity to become reliable hotel patrons. Here are 3 millennial hotels that are charming the younger generation away from the sharing economy.

Why Retail Sales Training Is Unique

Retail sales is very different from any other type of sales, and salespeople have to be trained differently in how their sales techniques. Your brand’s image and its consistency rely on this.

7 Steps to Blend Training for Front of House Staff

Training can be tedious for front of house staff, because restaurant management is often on a time constraint. A blended training programme helps these employees master skills and policies in an efficient manner.

High Retail Turnover Rates: L&D Tips for Retailers

Employee retention is a challenge within every industry. But high retail turnover rates are proving to be a costly challenge L&D can help solve.

10 Tips for Successful Event Marketing

Successful event marketing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Lots of people and planning must be considered before, during and after an event.

The Evolution of the Poster

The main goal of a poster is to captivate a person’s attention, engage with their mind and stimulate some sort of action. However posters, their design process and distribution, have changed drastically over time.

Rebranding Best Practices After a Merger or Acquisition

Recent acquisitions call for major rebranding efforts by the involved companies. Use these rebranding best practices to reinforce the switch.

Global Growing Pains: Issues for Multinational Businesses

Expanding multinational businesses understand the various problems that can arise through growth. These tips can help any marketer growing brands globally.

The Ideal RFP Team: A Breakdown

RFPs are a crucial business practice with many moving parts. Here are the main team roles and some best practice tips.

The Anatomy of a £10 Million Request for Proposal Response

Much like the human body, a response to a request for proposal (RFP) consists of a number of complex components that carry out specific functions necessary to survive.

13 Resources from Make Your Learning Stick (A Beginner’s Guide to Neuroplasticity for Learning and Development)

These books and resources suggested on our webinar will get you up to speed on neuroplasticity for learning and development.

Writing Proposals: 8 Challenges You Can’t Avoid

Many teams experience challenges while writing proposals. If these challenges can’t be avoided, they should be planned ahead for.

Proposal Automation: Let Your Content Library Work for You

Content libraries can help drive proposal automation. Here are a few best practices to let your content library work for you, not against you.

The Importance of the Pink Team in the Proposal Process

Colour-coded proposal reviews are an accepted industry practice.

5 Ways Storytelling Positively Impacts Your Content

Whether in training, marketing or sales, storytelling is critical to boosting the effectiveness of your content. Here’s why and how.

6 Tips for Your Next Proposal Presentation

Shortlisted after submitting a proposal? Now is the time sales and proposal teams must align. Use these tips to create an effective proposal presentation.

Creating A Customer Service Culture That Will Make Your Customers Come Back

Great customer service can make you stand out as the better choice among competitors. Use these best practices to create a strong customer service culture.

6 Keys to Build an Emotional Connection Between Products and Customers

Consumers make emotional purchases when it comes to products and services. Find out how to appeal to their emotions with these tips.

Best Practices for a Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) assesses where training requires improvement. This process will help you gain key insights and identify training gaps.

Avoiding Groupthink by Eliminating the 8 Wastes in Lean

The 8 Wastes model of lean manufacturing, or DOWNTIME, identify potential areas of waste that can be avoided. Learn what they are in this article.

What Not to Do in a Mentorship Programme

Mentorship programmes are an important staff development tool. Use these best practices to avoid common mistakes when executing a mentorship programme.

How RegTech Will Transform Compliance

With recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, learn how RegTech will transform compliance.

Why You Should Game Away the Leadership Gap

Gamification is a strategy that many of the world’s top companies are using in leadership development training. See how they employ it.

Psychology Of Colour: Make Your Blog Writing More Interesting

Read about how the psychology of colour should be considered when designing ads, writing blog posts, creating brand colours, and setting up websites.

Smart Dining: 4 Restaurant Technology Trends

Consumers are dining more and dining smarter. This article focuses on 4 different types of restaurant technology and its effects on operations and consumers.

5 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

Check out these five powerful ways 3D printing is being used today and how it has made an impact on society.

7 Common Workplace Distractions and How To Overcome Them

From hunger to gossip, the workplace is filled with distractions. Maintain your focus by learning how to overcome these common workplace distractions.

Why Bankbots will Shape Finance’s Future

Through the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots, customer service in banking may be evolving for the future.

Interview Etiquette (Tips to Nail an Interview)

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips on how to ace your next interview and land your dream job.

Should You Invest in an Event App?

Here are some of the pros and cons to investing in an event app.

6 Unique Events to Boost Your Attendance

Events are unique ways to attract attention to your business. Here are 6 types of unique events that can boost your presence and sales in a fun and engaging way.

How to Build a Learning Brand for Your Company

There are many steps to consider in building a learning brand for your company. Read about how to make the most out of your branding strategy.

How Instagram Changed the Restaurant Industry

From decorative interiors to food, read about how Instagram has impacted how restaurants market themselves to consumers and other businesses.

Work in Social Media? Don’t Ignore These 10 Things

Are you working with social media? Here are the top 10 tips to consider when enhancing your social media marketing strategy.

5 Facts About the State of FinTech – and Why They Really Matter

Financial Technology is rapidly growing. Here are 5 facts about FinTech that are worth reading about and why it should matter to you too.

The Death of the Minibar (and Other Hospitality Staples)

Because hotels are having a difficult time keeping up with competitors and travelers’ needs, the minibar is disappearing with other hospitality staples.

How Humans Beat Robots in Retail

The growing trend of robots and automation is hard to ignore in the retail world. However, adding a human touch can lead to superior customer service.

2017 Top LMS Complaints

Our State of L&D 2017 research shows these are the top complaints with learning management systems.

Here’s Who is Already Doing Mobile Learning

As part of our State of Learning and Development 2017 report with InSync Training, we wanted to find out what learning trends are already being used and who is deploying them.

Finding a Provider of Business Services to Meet Your Needs

Any successful company needs a strong marketing strategy, a dynamic advertising campaign, and well-trained staff.

3 Reasons to Add Digital Content to Your Training

The concept of digital training content is far from foreign in the 21st century.

6 Reasons Blended Content Trumps Digital

While offering a digital component is essential, it is not the end-all be-all. Here are a few reasons why a blended solution (also known as hybrid or mixed-mode) is the better bet for your training course.

6 Foolproof Recipes to Improve Engagement with Blended Content

A blended content strategy is a transitional opportunity between face-to-face and fully digital learning.

4 Compelling Microlearning Designs

Compelling microlearning designs appease short attention spans with engaging content, video, and graphics.

5 Reasons to Rethink Your Print Marketing Strategy

Businesses that wish to engage in non-traditional forms of marketing are seeing print as new again.

The Power of Direct Mail

Today’s consumers are always on mobile devices, so simply handing out flyers and hanging posters might not allow you to reach your whole audience; the solution lies with the postal service.

How Do Cloud-Based Printing Services Save You So Much Money?

Businesses eliminate up to 30 percent of their printing costs by working with cloud services, but how exactly do those savings manifest?

6 Steps to Raising Funds With a Print Campaign

From hanging posters up in local shops and stores to handing out flyers and brochures on the street, organisations and associates can inspire the populace to attend a fundraising event or donate supplies to a cause with a variety of print media.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Enough

You cannot solely rely on social media marketing and expect to succeed on that alone.

Why Higher Education Uses Content Distribution and Printing Platforms

It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to see that digital content distribution and online printing solutions provide higher education with an easy way to share documents and receive physical materials – but that’s not all these platforms have to offer in this sector.

How to Bring Your Investor Relations A-Game to Roadshows

You know the importance of succeeding on your roadshows, so don’t forget to prepare and bring some additional resources if you want to set yourself on the right path.

How to Create Effective Training Material Using ADDIE Framework

Training materials are essential for any serious business. Learn how to effectively create these materials for your business. 

The 4 Real Secrets to Scaling Your Internal Training Team

As training initiatives grow, businesses need to scale their training teams.

Do Bigger Companies Have Bigger Training Departments?

Insight from our State of L&D 2017 report.

3 Must-Know Retail Marketing Trends for Pop-Up Stores

Why are pop-up stores growing in popularity? What can retail marketers learn from these trends?

Why L&D Teams Are Using Annotations

For many learning and development teams, digital annotations have made a huge impact on training initiatives and overall user collaboration.

How to Develop Front of House Training

Front of the house staff members are often some of the most important employees in a business; here is how to ensure optimal training for your team.

Small Menus: The Latest Trends Altering the Fast Food Landscape

McDonald’s is reducing the number of items of its menus, while other quick-serve restaurants want to remove complexity from the kitchen. Which strategy is working?

Today’s hottest visual merchandising trends

If you’re a retailer looking for some ideas in regard to VM, then look no further; here are some of the biggest VM trends in modern retail.

How to Put Together a Killer Presentation

What elements make up a stellar presentation? Are there tools to take a little bit of the pressure off? Let’s take a look.

How to Win Millennials

There is a new generation of insurance buyers, and if firms don’t market directly to this group, they could find themselves without any clients.

Top Problems Faced by Global Businesses

Expanding your business into the global market is an exciting venture, but it is also a complex one. Understanding the various problems that can arise through the course of your growth marks a vital step in your preparation process.

5 Effective Ways to Welcome New Employees

Joining a new workplace can be intimidating; luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case.

3 Ways to Gauge Employee Satisfaction

How can you be sure your employees are satisfied? Use these methods to measure, understand, and increase employee satisfaction in your workplace.

The Importance of Updating Training Content

Our report shows that trainers care increasingly more about being able to easily update training content.

Top 5 Recruiting Apps to Consider for Your Talent Strategy

Mobile recruitment tools make the process of locating, interviewing, and hiring candidates easier. Consider using these recruiting apps in your strategy.

Updating HR: Hiring With Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that is updating HR’s hiring practices. Learn more about how and why HR departments are using blockchain.

How to Overcome Sales and Marketing Misalignment

Understanding how the two departments work independently often reveals why there is a misalignment.

Time is Money

Ask any professional what resource is most precious, and we guarantee you 9/10 of them will say “time.” Modern workers are pulled in a million different directions at any given moment, making every minute valuable.

7 Types of Bad Presenters You Don’t Want to Be

When it comes to any type of presentation, its delivery is key to success.

6 Videos To Make You a Mimeo Superstar

Watch these six videos to learn all the tricks and tips that will make you a Mimeo Superstar. Let us know what else you want to learn!

How Vacation Actually Benefits Workplace Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

When it comes to taking a vacation, many employees feel they cannot or should not take time off because it could have negative consequences for their careers.

Using Behavioral Science to Transform Leadership Development

Organisations are addressing challenges to leadership development with behavioral science. These 3 practices are transforming leadership development.

10 Tips on Getting the Best Speakers at Your Next Event

Choosing the best speaker for your next event can be difficult. Apply these 10 tips when researching, vetting, and choosing event speakers.

Data’s Growing Influence in the Oil & Gas Industry

Data’s use, its analysis, and its strategy is growing within the oil and gas industry. Learn why and how to identify a good data strategy.

Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter for Recruiting

There are many innovative ways organisations are reaching out to talent, Twitter being one of them! Use these tips for Twitter recruiting purposes.

How to Manage the Employee Offboarding Process

Your offboarding process says a lot about you as a company.

An HR Alternative to the Feared Annual Employee Review

Few things in a workplace elicit uniform dread from both management and employees like the annual employee review.

Are 360-Degree Feedback Programmes Really That Effective?

360-degree feedback is a performance appraisal system provided from a combination of professional and non-professional peers.

Mimeo’s New Look & Exciting Future Developments

Mimeo’s new header bar.

How AI and Cloud Platforms Improve the Accounting Industry

AI and cloud computing platforms are improving the accounting industry. Learn how accountant leverage AI for analytics and data processing.

3 Ways to Slash the Bias From Your Interview Process

Going with your gut may be a natural instinct, but it has little place in modern talent recruiting.

Design Tips on 4 Types of Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing comes in many forms; from postcards, to brochures, to business cards, to direct mail, the print channel is used to engage with global audiences.

How Hospitality Training is Solving Industry Challenges

Hospitality training addresses needs and increases the quality of service. Here are a few ways training prevents and manages industry challenges.

Taming Your Menus: Are Too Many Menu Items Confusing Your Customers?

Guests can become overwhelmed with too many menu items to choose from. Here are practical ways to create an easy dining experience with your menu design.

Steps to Reduce Waste with Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing drives value while reducing waste. Use these steps to effectively reduce your organisation’s waste.

How to Provide Effective Manufacturing Training with Print On Demand

Training content needs to rapidly change without compromising quality. Here are a few ways in which manufacturers provide effective training by leveraging print-on-demand processes.

Cyber Risk Management Strategies for Financial Services

Every financial service institution should have a cyber risk management developed and locked in place.

6 Organisation Apps To Immediately Make Life Easier

It’s easy for an average day to become frustrating and chaotic. Use these organisation apps to stay on course, save time, and avoid pulling out your hair.

The Top Training KPIs

The ability to track and measure the effectiveness of staff training programmes is a crucial objective for any training and development department.

8 of the Best TED Talks Every Professional Should Watch

Bold, riveting, and even funny. Watch 8 of the best TED Talks to broaden your knowledge and change the way you apply yourself.

What to Do When Your Employee Engagement Strategy Isn’t Cutting It

7 best practices that you can implement to improve employee engagement and reinforce company culture.

Questions to Ask While Strategising Talent Development

Here are key questions to ask when strategising talent development. These will help you find the right candidates while developing company culture.

Creating an Effective Employee Value Proposition

Learn how to attract and retain talented, motivated employees that drive your organisation’s growth.

How to Access Your Own Hotel Business Center (Without Ever Setting Foot in One)

Frequent business travelers know the pain of waiting in the hotel business center. These hacks can help you avoid the business center altogether!

Ways IoT Manufacturers Can Improve Security

Security is at the top of every IoT manufacturer’s priority list. Here are some ways in which manufacturers can improve their security.

4 Reasons Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare

Telemedicine has many advantages for both patients and health practitioners. Here are 4 of the most significant benefits of telemedicine.

How Retailers Can Create a Better In-Store Experience

A positive experience keeps shoppers in your retail space longer and creates repeat customers. Use these best practices to shape your in-store experience.

3 Terrible Tasks that Talent Acquisition Technology Can Take Over

Talent acquisition tools help HR automate tasks that typically account for a disproportionate amount of time. These 3 automation tools save HR teams time.

Why Room Setup for Training Matters

Room setup can greatly impact the effectiveness of your training sessions. Use these room setup tips to increase engagement and retention.

Why Change Management is Important for All Businesses

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses can’t afford to fall behind.

5 Ways to Get More Course Evaluation Responses

Course evaluation responses for training courses are critical in helping trainers understand what was effective and what was not.

Professionals and Digital Learning Technology Trends

Learning is not a temporary fix; it is a lifelong process.

A Guide to Training Without Internet Access

No Internet access? No problem!

How to Develop Your Tech Talent

With a pool of highly skilled individuals to choose from, it is essential to begin understanding what talent to look for and how to develop your tech talent to their full potential.

5 Skills Your Customer Service Team Needs to Develop

Your customer service team needs to focus on these five key skills.

5 Ways Warehousing Adds Value Back in Business Operations

It’s all about giving you back time.

6 Tips for Recruiting Remote Workers

Are remote workers right for your organisation?

Content Curation: Tackling Content Overload in L&D

Applying content curation into learning and development strategies is more than just bookkeeping.

6 Tips for Customer Service Training for Non-Customer Service Professionals

Customer service training should extend beyond your customer service team.

Crash Course in Cybersecurity of Your Learning Tech

Is your learning tech secure?

Retail Training: The Right Content for In-Store Employees

It’s important to get it right.

3 Methods to Get Learner Buy-In for Your Training

Now that you’ve got executive buy-in, how do you get your team on-board?

5 Training Tips Aimed at Millennials

Are you making the transition to blended content?

7 Visual Merchandising Tips for Your Retail Space

These tips will help you make the most of your retail space.

Millennials: The Future of Insurance Agents? Not Likely

Has insurance lost its cool factor?

‘What did you last Google?’ The Rise and Fall of Quirky Interview Questions

How many basketballs would fit in this room?

3 Incredible Biomedical Technologies Changing Healthcare

Today, physicians and patients have access to biomedical technologies that earlier generations could never have imagined.

6 Simple Ways to Empower Employees

Learn how to motivate and engage your employees.

Addressing Negative Online Reviews From Disgruntled Former Employees

Learn how to turn lemons into lemonade.

Battling the Forgetting Curve with Retrieval Practise

Learn techniques that you can use to combat forgetfulness.

How to Use Big Data for Talent Acquisition

The Age of the Talent Wars has begun.

How to Develop a Corporate Mentorship Programme From Scratch

In-house corporate mentorship programmes provide a lot of value.

Will Allowing Employees to Work From Home Work for You?

Are the benefits worth it?

How Retailers Can Improve Their Loss Prevention Strategy

Often, it costs very little to make a big difference to your bottom line.

Best CRMs to Help You Stay Out of the Red

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical to an organisation’s success.

How to Build Resilience Skills in the Workplace

You don’t need a survey to convince you that nearly half of all employees experience stress at some point because of work.

4 Challenges to Channel Sales Enablement

What stands in your way?

What Do Most L&D Professionals Have in Common?

What makes learning and development professionals stand out?

5 Contributors to the 80/20 Rule in Channel Programmes

Are you plagued by the Pareto Principle?

Why Group Interviews Are Best for Retail Positions

See why you should be considering group interviews.

3 Perks Employees Value as Much as Salary

Any business that can offer these three things is going to fill positions quickly.

The Unconventional Truth Behind Productivity

There are a lot of misconceptions about productivity and how to increase it.

Workforce Automation in the Tech Industry

Are you going to be replaced by a robot?

Five Key Lean Manufacturing Principles

What is Lean?

10 Tips for an Amazing Learning Technologies 2017

Mimeo is excited to exhibit once again at the Learning Technologies Expo. Here are our Top 10 tips for attendees to have an amazing experience.

Graphic Design Tips and Hacks (For Non-Artists)

Hack your way through design.

What the See Now, Buy Now Trend Means for Retailers

Today’s customer has been trained to expect instant gratification.

Hacks to Stretch Your Minimal (or Nonexistent) L&D Budget

In this article, we’ll take a look at some practical and effective ways you can stretch your training budget without compromising beyond your comfort zone.

Company Data Fatigue: 3 Immediate HR and CRM Remedies

Company data fatigue, also known as information overload, is affecting everyone.

4 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

While remote employee management presents its own unique sets of challenges, there are many management techniques that make it easier for all people involved.

Starting From Scratch: The Mimeo Patents

This is Mimeo’s story.

Are Digital Proofs Better for Print?

How you represent your content is important, no matter if your materials are being read by a dozen or a thousand people.

Increase in Empathy Training in the Workplace

Should your organisation be adopting empathy training for its employees?

Digital Marketing Strategies for Human Resources

From training and recruitment to talent engagement, HR companies must be ready to embrace these new trends with open arms.

Make Your Sales Team Mobile: 4 Considerations

Find out how and why to make your sales team mobile.

How to Effectively Use Proposal Graphics

The right graphics are compelling, easy to understand, informative, and help to communicate your objectives faster than words alone.

Is Your Budget Slowing Employee Engagement?

If you see your budget as a barrier to employee engagement, you’re not alone.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Business Cash Flow

Maintaining a good cash flow is important to a business for several reasons.

Gamification Vs. Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning and gamification have revolutionised eLearning practices

How Creating An Effective Booklet Can Grow Your Business

Printed booklets are an untapped resource for marketing.

Top 10 Content Creation Tools to Start Using Today

We’ve listed the top 10 content creation tools you’ll want to start using today.

Leadership: 7 Ways to Become a Role Model Manager

While it’s unlikely that you already have all the traits befitting of a leadership role model, the seven skills that can help you lead, inspire and garner respect can be easily learned and improved upon.

Top Five Tips for Increasing Teamwork Efficiency

Teamwork can be one of the most efficient ways to solve problems and tackle big tasks in any environment. Despite this fact, teamwork can create more problems than successful results when there are problems within the team.

Paper In The Cloud: Why Businesses Need eContent

Thanks to the cloud, people can now easily acquire any and all tools necessary to start a business.

Six Tips to Train Your Customer Service Team

Your customers keep your business going. As such, your customer service team is critical to the success, failure, and profitability of your organisation.

Why Global Brand Consistency Impacts Revenue

A brand encompasses the values and images of any given organisation and plays a critical role in customer engagement. At the center, branding – logos, colour schemes, tone, voice – need consistency.

Why Customer Service Need Email Training

Effective email communication is a core principle of effective customer service; customer service representatives influence your brand’s image with the emails they send.

Producing In-Region vs. Shipping Through Customs

There’s more problems than you might think with international shipping and distribution; have you considered overseas printing services?

How to Create an Effective Brand Guide

Learn how to create an effective brand guide.

Traditional Print May Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

In the age of email spam and loud or obnoxious television and radio ads, a simple and effective print strategy may be the best marketing solution at your feet.

Why a Marketing Calendar May Help Your Business

If all other aspects of a business are planned, such as finances, staffing and sales, why wouldn’t marketing be planned as well?

How Much is Your Time Actually Worth?

‘Your time is valuable’. A phrase often said to clients and prospects. But what meaning does this really hold without a tangible form of measurement? How valuable is it?

4 Aspects of the Best Employee Training Programmes

Despite the fact that technology makes life a lot easier, there is always a learning curve associated with software and tools. Here are four aspects of the best employee training programs.

Becoming a Better Leader: 6 Steps in Developing Leadership Skills

Why become a leader? Why do people work to become better leaders? Great leadership usually receives respect. However, becoming a better leader garners more than just respect.

Newsletter’s Return: Creating One People Actually Read

Top tips to revamp your company newsletter.

21st-Century Print Management for Your Global Company

Find out the true cost to global companies of printing in-house, and discover new print management opportunities for your global company.

10 Tips to Start Your Learning Community of Practice

A learning community of practice is a great way to add energy to your training programme. Get these 10 tips from Dan Jones, Zurich Insurance, to start one.

How Training Protects Organisations From Social Media Pitfalls

Social media is an undeniable player in the modern business world and training can help to prevent pitfalls that can put brand and business at risk.

The True Value of Learning & Development

Find out what happens when an organisation has not got an L&D department, and where the true value in learning and development lies.

Lifelong Learning: How To Overcome Motivation Barriers

Lifelong learning takes on many forms in our personal and professional environment, and while people often struggle to get motivated, learning is not a temporary solution but an ongoing lifelong process for us to develop.

How To Create A Successful L&D Programme

A successful learning and development programme that benefits participants and aligns with the organisation’s L&D strategy is based on three main principles: design, deliver, evaluate.

Time Management Tips For Trainers

We put together a step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of every valuable minute.

Smart Office Design For More Productivity

How can employers and employees both make sure that office space becomes a buzzing hub for productive and creative minds?

How To Improve Your Brand Consistency

A brand reflects the values and images of an organisation and plays an important role in customer engagement. We take a look at how to maintain and improve brand consistency.

Selling to Millennials – Why is It So Difficult?

Masters of minimalism and sharing their experiences on social media anywhere and at any time, millennials can be a tricky but loyal customer group.

How To Successfully Implement The Toyota Way For Your Business

At Mimeo, we closely align our processes along the Toyota Way with a strong commitment to customer service and high-quality print solutions.

Closing The Digital Skills Gap

When employees become more confident in their technological skills, businesses can experience increased productivity, creativity, and leadership.

Apps That Save You Time

There is an app for everything, and a range of clever apps that can help you save time on critical business missions. We asked our employees what apps they use to save themselves time. Here are the Mimeo staff’s top ten picks.

What’s Your Cyber Security Strategy?

Technology is evolving. So are the techniques and tactics of cyber security threats. Here are best practices to apply into your cyber security strategy.

5 Cyber Threats Could Affect Your Organisational Data

It’s imperative to educate your team on how to safeguard organisational data against attack vectors. But what threats should you be concerned about?

Seven Tools for RFP Teams

Crafting a request for proposal is no easy task; luckily, these seven tools can help.

Dropping Digital: 4 Ways to Print Ads for Retailers

Why not take a unique approach to print advertising? After all, in retail and marketing, it’s all about being flashy and getting noticed.

How to Connect Digital Documents with Physical Ones

Businesses must bridge the gap between physical and digital documents as there are many benefits to doing so. Here’s some help on how to get started.

The Split: 4 Training Trends Based on Organisational Size

In the post-recession UK, the uptick of the economy has closely realigned training strategies. However, training trends differ greatly depending on organisational size.

6 Essential Apps for Road Warriors

Apps have become useful tools for road warriors looking to stay organised and travel efficiently.

Manuals: Uses and Production Processes

Manuals have a variety of uses. From corporate documentation such as training and instructional manuals to technical documentation and user manuals, these documents remain a staple of many workplaces.

Effectiveness of Training Initiatives: Measuring ROI

Training efforts can have great future effects when the right investments are made.

Ultimate Guide to Building Channel Training

Partner networks essentially function as a system of outsourced business needs, but how do you effectively train your partners?

Best Practices When Expanding Your Business

Business owners have to take a slew of things into consideration before taking the plunge. Here at Mimeo, we know just how important it is to cover all your bases before making your expansion dreams a reality.

The Ultimate Guide to Training Your Tech Support Team

Training is necessary if businesses want to be able to provide the best tech support in their sectors, so let’s take a look at how to build competency by educating these professionals.

5 Creative Ways to Boost Content Effectiveness

Nowadays, there are dozens of brands vying for the attention of customers; you have to get creative when it comes to content distribution.

Why Associations Leverage Outsourcing: A Look at Today and Tomorrow

Associations have been benefiting from outsourcing for years, but nowadays, priorities are shifting and some organizations are thinking outside of the box when it comes to getting outsourcing right.

Why Print Marketing Can Work for You

Although many advertisers rely heavily on digital marketing, many are rediscovering the value of visual and tactile engagement.

5 Reasons Why Manufacturers Love Cloud-Based Content Management Services

Why are manufacturers using cloud file and document sharing services? Let’s take a look at five reasons.

How Staff Training Can Benefit Any Business

Depending on the industry, employees should be aware of best practices for customer service.

6 Takeaways from Learning Technologies Exposition

For those of you who missed the conference or simply want a reminder, here are some of the 6 key takeaways from 2016 UK Learning Technologies.

Modern Hospitality: Local, Authentic and Personalised

Let’s take a look at some current consumer trends and identify how your hotel can use them as leverage for marketing and customer services.

7 Training Takeaways from ATD 2016 TechKnowledge

ATD’s TechKnowledge conference is a great opportunity to meet with trainers, training program managers, instructional designers, and other industry insiders to discuss how technology can

Big Data Use Cases: Retailers and Print Marketing

Here are a few ways that you can use big data, analytics, and print to improve marketing ROI, boost engagement, and, most importantly, provide great experiences.

Mimeo Strategic Print Production Locations

In a world where technology moves at the speed of light, it’s hard to believe that you’re still waiting a week – or longer – for

Finance training: More than just learning how to count

The finance industry is wrought with laws, technologies and corporate policies. Employees must be trained to ensure success.

How Highfive uses Mimeo to connect with its customers

Highfive is a cloud based video conferencing platform that enables businesses of any size to seamlessly communicate from anywhere, on any device.

Why Adopting a Print Management Solution Will Benefit Your Business

Print management solutions take care of a wide variety of common office issues, including excessive high-volume printing costs, an incomplete advertising strategy or in-house printer problems.

Time is Money: How a Managed Print Solution Can Help Your Business

More companies are outsourcing their technical responsibilities by utilizing managed print solutions.

Direct Marketing for the Small Business

Direct marketing needs to have an intention.

How to Use SaaS to Improve Efficiency

SaaS platforms provide enterprises with a more efficient method of accessing large files.

User-Friendly Approach to Content

Technology is quickly re-ordering the business world, with the biggest changes happening in marketing, advertising, and other types of communications, like corporate training. In the

Event planning: How to choose the best printing service

The choice isn’t whether or not to print flyers and other print materials needed for your event – it’s which company you choose to provide printing services. Here are three aspects of printing services that should help you determine which is the best option.

Are cloud-based printing services the Netflix of paper?

Unfortunately, when it comes to printing and distributing documents, many companies are far behind the times. The situation harkens back to the competitive days between Netflix and Blockbuster Video.

Best Ways to Approach Training

In today’s digital age, companies have more resources and more options for training their staff well. Here are some of the best ways to approach

Digital content and file sharing’s role in training

Let’s take a look at why businesses turn to cloud-based file sharing for employee training and talent development.

4 visual merchandising tips for the modern era

Merchandising might not be easy, but with these four tips in mind, you can create the most successful strategies.

Welcome to Industry 4.0: Supporting the Internet of Things with print

Where does print fit into the Internet of Things discussion?

Scientifically proven: The effectiveness of posters

The bottom line is simple: posters have been around in every industry for a long time because they work. The proof is in science – literally.

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