The Training Team at Dave & Buster’s is responsible for creating, producing, and distributing content to all restaurant locations. They needed an easy way to distribute their manuals to restaurants involving the least amount of time and effort.

  • Get necessary training manuals to each store location
  • Ensure only up-to-date materials are available for ordering
  • Decrease amount of time spent ordering by headquarters


Chris’ team creates the content at headquarters, uploads it to their Marketplace, and notifies stores that it is available on the online portal.

  • Restaurants can access and order necessary materials for their specific location
  • Control stays with headquarters to update documents as edits are made

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“Through the reporting feature, we identify what each store is ordering and that their training materials are up to our standards. Restaurants handle their own document needs, but we can still track that they are implementing all of our training.” - Chris Schricker

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