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Case Study: Securing Training Content Print & Digital

Learn how The Modeling Agency secured its training content in both print and digital formats.

About The Modeling Agency

The Modeling Agency, LLC trains and mentors organisations that are data-rich yet information-poor to advance their overall predictive analytic capability, results and impact. Visit them at www.the-modeling-agency.com.


To remain competitive, TMA’s training needed to recreate and distribute the physical classroom experience and feel in an online platform. Previously, TMA’s training materials were only in printed format.

The Modeling Agency needed to:

  • Deliver best in class customer training content in digital format
  • Protect Intellectual Property from unauthorised distribution
  • Offer blended learning options to customers in print and digital formats
  • Replicate effectiveness of instructor-led classroom training in a digital medium

“A digital learning experience needs to replicate the learner’s physical manual, but better. It needs to be accessible with or without internet access, and capable of note taking.”

– Eric A. King, President of The Modeling Agency, LLC


Easing a Transition

Already a longtime Mimeo Print Customer, TMA entrusted its existing partnership in making the leap to go digital.

“Being familiar with Mimeo’s quality and innovation, we knew we were in good hands.”

Protected TMA Printed & Digital Intellectual Property

TMA doesn’t have to compromise functionality with security. All content uploaded to Mimeo Digital’s library is protected from end-to-end with Mimeo’s robust security features.

“In both print and digital, instructors need a way to effectively protect our content while maintaining continuity between digital and print media.”

A Classroom Experience in Digital Content

Learner engagement is critical in the delivery of effective training to ensure customer success.

“In a digital environment, you need to replicate that same level of engagement that exists within a physical classroom.”

Bonus – Offline Access

TMA clients never fall victim to unreliable Wi-Fi or wireless dry spots. Learners are able to access content, uninterrupted, through Mimeo Digital’s offline feature.

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