Mimeo Releases Marketplace 4.0, the New Version of the World’s Leading Cloud-Based ecommerce Document Solution

Mimeo Marketplace 4.0 Adds Enterprise Administrative Controls, Currency and Language Flexibility, New Shopping Experience and Other Features

New York – April 28th, 2010 – Today, Mimeo.com, the leading online printing and distribution company, announced the release of Marketplace 4.0, a significant upgrade to the world’s leading cloudbased ecommerce document solution. Marketplace enables businesses to streamline the distribution of documents via a private or public ecommerce storefront. This is the fourth upgrade of Marketplace in the past 18 months.

“Marketplace is one of the ways we are driving down customer costs while simultaneously increasing the speed of delivery and quality” said Mimeo CEO Adam Slutsky. “With Marketplace, companies can make documents available to employees, partners and customers at the moment they are approved for distribution. Orders placed through Marketplace in the first quarter of 2010 are up more than 300% from the first quarter of 2009, a testament to the success of the platform.”

In addition to existing features such as the ability to customize documents with text, graphics and pictures before ordering, Marketplace 4.0 offers new administrative controls, branding opportunities, currency conversion, language support and security features. Each Marketplace is supported with 24/7 customer care and Mimeo’s three print on-demand centers. Orders placed before 10PM EST are printed and kitted on demand, and can be delivered the next business day in North America and in 2 days to most International locations.

“Marketplace has streamlined the way we manage, produce and distribute courseware, manuals and other documents that are critical to our business. We reviewed many potential partners and found that the Mimeo solution was not only a unique and innovative offering, but that it would yield the greatest cost savings,” said Martha Soehren, Chief Learning Officer, Comcast (CMCSA).

To see a demonstration of Marketplace 4.0, and to download a brochure describing all Marketplace features visit https://www.mimeo.co.uk/platform/ or call 0808 208 4260

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