Mimeo.co.uk Launches 2-Day Delivery to Anywhere in Europe

Mimeo.co.uk is a new service offering 2 day printing and delivery of business documents to anywhere in the UK and most of Western Europe. The new digital printing service will enable busy professionals to print online and enjoy total control over the preparation and delivery of their documents, right from their computers. Every order is bound and printed on-demand from Mimeo’s two centralized, highly automated production facilities, ensuring consistency, superior quality and quick delivery for every order.

“Mimeo.co.uk is an entirely new concept for anyone that relies on business documents such as sales organizations, training professionals or marketers” said Adam Slutsky, CEO of Mimeo.com “We provide businesses with the ability to print from anywhere to everywhere with the confidence that orders of any size will be printed correctly and delivered on time. “Mimeo.co.uk incorporates many of the features of Mimeo.com, the leading digital business printer in the United States: permanent free digital file storage, an online realistic proofing tool and many paper choices and finishing options such as tabs, wire, spiral and ring binders. Mimeo specializes in printing documents such as reports, proposals, presentations and manuals.”

“We’ve replaced standing in line at a local print centre with going online and completing an order in 10 minutes or less” said Holly Muscolino, Vice President of Product Marketing at Mimeo. “As a shared services platform, customers that work with printed documents will see an immediate improvement in productivity and importantly, lower costs.”

Ordering printed documents is secure and worry free. All transactions are backed by a guarantee that orders will be printed and delivered perfectly.

About Mimeo.co.uk

Mimeo.co.uk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mimeo.com, Inc.,the innovator of online printing for business documents and marketing materials. Founded in 1998, Mimeo allows companies to operate in real-time by meeting their printing needs with speed and efficiency, guaranteeing 2 day delivery in the UK and most of Western Europe when an order is placed by 8:00PM GMT. Orders to North America can be delivered the next day.

Over 4,000 companies of all sizes trust Mimeo to print critical and confidential business documents such as presentations, proposals, reports and manuals. The online document printing company has received numerous accolades for technology, innovation, and rapid growth and is one of the fastest growing companies in the digital printing industry.

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