Delivery and Shipping to the EU

Benefit from our production facility in the EU and arrange your overnight shipping

Struggling with shipping to the EU? Mimeo has got you covered!

Mimeo is your print and distribution provider. We do not only print, but we also take care of the logistics.

Along with our print production facilities in the UK and US, Mimeo has a production facility in Germany, meaning that you can produce and distribute your print from within the EU, without having to cross borders and suffer from unpredictable customs delays. This can all be managed by you using our easy-to-use online print portal where you can build and store your document library, and you can be looked after by a dedicated Customer Success Manager, based in the UK. 

We promise you the same high Mimeo quality and fast overnight shipping of your printed materials.

Drive efficiency. Reduce challenges.

Avoid any trouble with customs and border controls. Kit, bundle, and ship all your print and non-print items using Mimeo – to the EU and internationally.

Static Material

Receive high-quality materials. Always.

Like our print-on-demand services, warehoused items undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.


Print On Demand

The Mimeo Print-on-Demand platform offers you maximum flexibility: print and ship the number of documents you need with just a few clicks.

View your real-time inventory.

View the exact quantity of inventoried items in real-time directly from your Mimeo Print document library.

Order Warehoused Materials From One Platform

Use your Mimeo Print or Marketplace account to quickly pull and place warehoused materials to form unique packages.rnrnWatch this video for an overview of how to order and manage warehoused items. Learn how to check an item’s inventory at any time, share the item with your team members, and publish the item to your Marketplace.

Kitting and Bundling Options

Imagine creating an unforgettable experience for anyone opening your box? Our kitting and bundling options let you build the perfect kit for your next event, training session, or grand opening. Combine your documents and merchandise items into bundles and kits: your items can be shipped together or organised to be delivered in a fixed order to your specification.

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